I cut my hair into a pixie crop and I’ve never felt more empowered

Looking for a new hair ‘do? Not only can a haircut improve the health of your hair, but it can also bring a heightened sense of empowerment.

Having had long hair as a teenager, shoulder-length hair throughout her early twenties, Owner and Head Stylist at Ella & Jade Hair, Alannah Read, worked up the courage to do what she’s always wanted: cut her hair into a pixie crop

How-to video: Alannah shows the versatility of a pixie crop styling it in 3 easy ways.

Not only has the change given Alannah back 20 minutes in her busy morning routine as a business owner, but it’s also brought a noticeable sense of empowerment and self-confidence.

“I’ve always loved short hair but never felt like I could rock it like many of my clients do,” Alannah said. 

“Then two months ago I went for it, had the chop and the change I feel is nothing short of liberating and empowering. 

“I believe as a society we hide behind our hair and we’re certainly too afraid when it comes to having fun, showing our personality, daring to be different and breaking away from the norm when it comes to our hair.

“Since going short, I’ve never felt sexier, my partner loves it and I’m having fun styling it with my wardrobe and beauty routine – I truly do feel like a new woman!”

Thinking of going the chop? Alannah sat down with William, Head of Education and Australian FAME team member, to discuss all the questions you should ask when thinking about the chop.

One of William’s recommendations is to talk to a stylist you trust to design a cut to highlight your facial features and suit your lifestyle.

“Think about how much time you have in the mornings, if you prefer a natural texture and colour preference,” William said.

“I personally prefer a classic shape in a block colour that tends to be more versatile, this makes it easier going from day to night by adding a slight wave to the front.

“Don’t be afraid! Contrary to popular belief there’s a pixie style to suit all face shapes and when done right, will highlight and showcase specific features that can be more flattering than hiding behind long hair.”

Alannah Read